"Building One Sandcastle At A Time"

It represents life, they say, when the tides and waves roll in and ruin your castle.
I say, whatever happens in life, sand is unlimited, and the waves and tides that come in are our trials and tribulations.

But we rebuild and reshape, making it stronger each time. Therefore it is constant... meaning life is ongoing. And it's up to us to rethink and redefine the architecture of our castle. Making the moat a bit bigger so it catches the pressures of the waters.™

Author Karen Maziar

About DAG

Our Mission Is to Assist Communities throughout the World in attempting to develop comprehensive systems of community-based, inter-agency care for local populations with special needs. A “Needs Assessment” has been identified as a key component of developing current underutilized initiatives. A “Needs Assessment” provides assistance planners with the data needed to make informed decisions with regard to improving the current system of care or providing avenues of opportunities of assistance. Major components of the; “Needs Assessment Model” includes foundations for needs assessment, data collection, and data utilization. Local centres and communities offer support for situations requiring special needs help. Today’s assistance policies, procedures and practices sometimes create confusing and overlook or underexplored areas of available help. Through our dedication we offer the resource guides to guide you through these difficult situations.

Dag's Hopscotch Transition™

One Step At a Time™
Building One Sandcastle At A Time™

Youth Transition is here on GERARD is to provide a holistic approach toward advancing the independence, productivity, of YOUTH AND YOUNG ADULTS with disabilities to create a Life.

We refer to “Hopscotch” as the years of an individual’s life when they are between 16 and 25 years of age, the time period when an adolescent is preparing to transition from children’s services to adult services. The changes in a youth’s life are numerous during this time period: post-secondary, residential, medical and social, and the decisions can seem overwhelming. With not knowing the HOW or WHAT TO DO!

We have developed Disability Advocate Gerard in 2004 when Gerard himself was 12 and now going on 23 we are here to partner with youth and their families as they become legal adults.

Support for youth is provided through interactive workshops and activities designed to help adolescents and young adults with disabilities and special health needs to prepare for adult life.

Workshops include one-on-one NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming), group support and transitions workshops. All topics place an emphasis on self-management of health care and transitioning to adult health services, finances, rights, and where to get the information.

The goal of the program is to enable young people with disabilities and or special health care needs to do the following:

•Gain a greater understanding of their disabilities and/or special health care needs through interaction with other young adults and advocates who understand ones needs.

•Build positive communication skills that will help them to describe and educate others about their disability, leading them to advocate for themselves at home, in school, in health care settings, and in the community.

•Develop strategies for taking more responsibility for activities of daily living, including managing their self-esteem.

•Learn how to access all the resources in the community to help them prepare for the transition to adulthood.

•Explore healthy lifestyles and social options.

•Increase knowledge with a strong advocate with education, career, and independent living options


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